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Dutch Monarch Dutch Monarch Dutch Monarch

Royal Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream Mix



Enjoy the Flavour! Do you enjoy mild chocolate with a smooth, creamy taste? Then our Royal Dutch Chocolate flavour is for you. And like all our products, it’s gluten free! Swirl in chocolate sauce and chocolate chips for a triple chocolate treat.

Ice Cream Mix Details

Makes Approximately: 5 cups Ice Cream
Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Royal Dutch Cocoa, Dried Whole Egg Powder
Additional Ingredients Needed: Heavy Cream, Water
Optional Ingredients: Fruit, Nuts, Chocolate Chips, etc.
Manufacuter: Dutch Monarch
Package Dimentions: 6¾" x 3" x 1½"
Package Weight: 150g
UPC Code: 853873000031
Price: $7.95 each Buy Now